Construction is a political, cultural, and literary online magazine that updates during the week. It is an independent start-up that does not break news but publishes critical and informative content. Since its inception in June 2011, it has featured interviews with figures such as Steve Hindy, president of the Brooklyn Brewery, and The New Yorker’s Joan Acocella; profiles of the biographer Robert Caro and the literary critic Edward Said; Benjamin Taylor’s introduction to the selected letters of Saul Bellow; a wide array of political and cultural commentary; and a diverse, international collection of original fiction, poetry, and visual art by known and unknown artists alike. Construction exists to fill a content void left by major newspapers, real-time aggregators, topic-specific sites, and personal bloggers.

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Track the 30 most influential people in Western Civilization.
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Conversations in Little Egypt” – Reporting by Construction editor Masha Udensiva-Brenner, June 2011
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siro cugusi “Fragments,” by Siro Cugusi.
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dolores hays
Moral, ethical, and matronly advice from literary aficionado Dolores Hays. Enter your ailment below and check back every other Friday for her column.

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