Construction Literary Magazine

Fall 2019

Letter from the Editors

Letter from the Editors

Photograph via Flickr by melstampz.

Dear Readers,

We were kind of hoping you didn’t notice, but we skipped our summer issue. There is a reason for this, and it’s a simple one: during those 95-degree days, would you rather be cramped at a desk reading an online magazine, or sunbathing at the beach? Exactly. Us, too.

On the other hand, what if our magazine had had a PRINT button? Then you could have read our articles while working on your tan. And if we’d had an EMAIL button, you could have shared our articles with your friends . . . and then met your friends at the beach to discuss our articles . . . while you both worked on your tan . . .

We gave our magazine a minor overhaul. We redesigned the home page to show off our new art section, which includes a poignant painting inspired by 9/11, and to make our most striking articles easier to find. We also made sure that Construction can not only be printed, emailed, and +1’d, but Blip’d, Bepo’d, Sonico’d, Squidoo’d, Twackl’d, and Tumbl’d.

But it’s not just our increased user-friendliness that makes this issue far different from the last; it’s our content. We’ve expanded our interests to professional football, whose league, the NFL, continues to be America’s most popular reality TV show; higher public education, whose basic problems we expose in our feature interview; urban bike lanes, whose odd political controversies have deep cultural and environmental undertones; and the victims and veterans of World War II, an entire class of people whose stories we are losing by the day. You might have noticed that although we don’t seek to be a typical literary magazine, we do still offer fiction and poetry from both young and established writers, as well as a glance into their process through our “In The Author’s Words” feature. Nor do we want to be just a forum for politics—though we will continue to bring you critical commentary and in-depth reporting, like our pieces on Syria and Wisconsin. What we strive to be—what we are—is a magazine that keeps building.

Our most significant addition may be our daily blog, aptly called “Additions.” In informal online lingo, the word “blog” roughly equates to “brief, unsubstantiated, lowest-common-denominator shock-value commentary.” We’d like to think that our blog will be different. Actually, we know it will be. Why? Because we designed it so that each day, whether we are, among other things, explaining the Supreme Court in layman’s terms, ranking cultural and literary phenomena, or tracking down Brooklyn’s most mysterious writer, we are informing, arguing, and story-telling. “Additions” has little to do with snark and lots to do with perspective. Consider it the magazine’s partner.

So, please, enjoy the fall issue of Construction. It’s on us.


The Editors, Construction (To be read on printed pieces of paper at beaches around the world)