Construction Literary Magazine

Fall 2019

Letter from the Editors

Letter from the Editors

Photograph via Flickr by melstampz.

Dear Readers,

We are excited to present the inaugural edition of Construction. This issue owes its existence to endless brainstorming sessions around the kitchen tables in our Brooklyn apartments (with Domenick chiming in via Skype from South Korea). At these tables we read submissions, sketched our home page, and are sitting now as we add the final touches to our website.

But the seeds for Construction were planted almost three years ago around another set of tables: the long wooden boardroom tables of our fiction workshops at the City College of New York. The four of us met while studying in the CCNY MFA program, but it wasn’t until we left that the idea for the magazine materialized.

From musical tastes to sports to political beliefs, we collectively agree on almost nothing. The only thing we do agree upon is that we strive to establish a magazine that will become both intellectually and emotionally stimulating for our readers. For the time being, Construction has no Editor-in-Chief. We have no official consultants. We went in blind, with very little publishing experience, and simply decided that we would figure it out as we went along.

Construction is about building things—stories, paintings, ideas—and it’s only just begun. As you read this we will be planning our launch party, working on our upcoming blog, our next issue, dreaming of a print edition, and one day, maybe, a Construction Press. For now these dreams may feel unrealistic, but they are extensions of the dreams we had in those fiction workshops in Harlem, when we imagined ourselves as part of a global intellectual community that might in some small way change the world.

We hope you enjoy our first issue. For nine long months of kitchen table meetings, it was our baby.

Thank you for reading.


The Editors, Construction (To be read in kitchen tables around the world)

David Plick
Masha Udensiva-Brenner
Nathan Schiller
Domenick Acocella