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Fall 2020

Playing Bunco with Future In-Laws

Playing Bunco with Future In-Laws

Photograph via Flickr by sewitsforyou

Editor’s note: Once a week, Laura Morton will use personal history to put a Craigslist ad into perspective.

The Story

I recently got engaged, and the man I am going to marry comes from a family of traditions.

They watch college basketball tournaments together. They meet every Friday during Lent, at various fish fries across town, to compare sandwiches at each other’s churches. His parents lovingly invite every person they’ve ever met to their Christmas Eve party. Every year, his sister still makes the traditional Italian sausage and spinach ravioli his grandmother made years ago. For some ten years now, the women in his family (sister, mother, aunts, and cousins) go on a shopping trip together to Gatlinberg and load up in a cabin for the first weekend in November. And every year, on the Monday after Thanksgiving, his mother’s cousin hosts Bunco.

This year, as a way to mark my induction into the family, I was invited to play.

I’ve never played. I had no idea whether to expect cards, dice, score cards, or something more akin to charades.

I arrived late to find all the women spread out at tables across the living room, kitchen, and den. When I walked in, my fiancé’s mother met me and pointed across the room to women who waved and winked and smiled and continued to eat as their names were announced. I quickly forgot them all.

I found a seat next to the few faces I knew (grandmother, aunt, cousin).

And then the game began.

It’s very simple. You roll three die and want to get as many of the specific number as you can get. And then after one team wins, you move tables.

It was strange and new. Inside jokes from years past were shared. Everyone laughed loudly.

At each new table, a new face asked to see my ring, told me I had a sweet and kind fiancé, or asked how well I knew how to play Bunco.

The game continued until all the prizes were won. I packed up a plate of food to bring home. And at the end of the night, in the blind gift exchange, I got a Christmas CD of Yanni.

All in all, it was complete brilliance. And I can’t wait until next year.

The Ad

grand rapids craigslist > community > activity partners

Bunco (Grand Rapids)

Girls…! Come indulge yourself in an evening of fun, food, and friendly chatter! Ever played bunco? Want to play bunco? Want to meet new people? Then this is the right group for you! We will be meeting once a month either in members homes or a designated place, whichever works best for everyone. Please email me to join or if you want more information. In this day and time..shouldnt you at least have one day a month where you can have fun? 🙂

The Response

If you want a harmless game, where you might walk away with new friends and easy listening music, check it out, my friends.

Get yourself to Bunco.