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Fall 2020

From Revolutionary Road

From <i>Revolutionary Road</i>

Photograph via Flickr by shutterhacks

Richard Yates, Revolutionary Road

“‘Old Helen here’s been talking it up about you people for months,’ he told them. ‘The nice young Wheelers on Revolutionary Road, the nice young revolutionaries on Wheeler Road—got so I didn’t know what she was talking about half the time. Course, that’s partly because I didn’t listen. You know how she is? How she talks and talks and talks and never says anything? Kind of get so you quit listening after a while. No, but I got to hand it to her this time; this isn’t what I pictured at all. This is nice. I don’t mean ‘nice,’ either; don’t worry. I mean nice. I like it here. Looks like a place where people live.’”

In a novel about suburban angst, where passive aggressiveness is the preferred mode of communication, it takes a “crazy” person to tell it like it is.