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Fall 2020

From The Odyssey

From <i>The Odyssey</i>

Photograph via Flickr by shutterhacks

Homer, The Odyssey

“So he spoke, and Kalypso, shining among divinities, smiled and stroked him with her hand and spoke to him and named him: ‘You are so naughty, and you will have your own way in all things. See how you have spoken to me and reason with me. Earth be my witness in this, and the wide heaven above us, and the dripping water of the Styx, which oath is the biggest and most formidable oath among the blessed immortals, that this is no other painful trial I am planning against you, but I am thinking and planning for you just as I would do it for my own self, if such needs as yours were to come upon me; for the mind in me is reasonable, and I have no spirit of iron inside my heart. Rather, it is compassionate. ”

Kalypso’s unrequited love breaks my heart every time . . .