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Fall 2019

From The World According to Garp

From <i>The World According to Garp</i>

Photograph via Flickr by shutterhacks

John Irving, The World According to Garp

“‘It’s odd,’ Garp wrote, ‘that the family who would convince me of my own uniqueness was never close to my mother’s heart. Mother was practical, she believed in evidence and in results. She believed in Bodger, for example, for what a dean did was at least clear. She believed in specific jobs: teachers of history, coaches of wrestling—nurses, of course. But the family who convinced me of my own uniqueness was never a family my mother respected. Mother believed that the Percy family did nothing.’”

This is how I felt when my parents tried to convince me to go to law school instead of getting my MFA (they have both since admitted that I was right and they were wrong).