Construction Literary Magazine

Fall 2020


We are now accepting ALL general submissions through SUBMITTABLE! Once we have hit the limit the monthly limit of free submissions, tip jar submissions will remain open. Check back on the 1st of the following month for free submissions in the categories of Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction. Architecture submissions can be sent over email to Nicola anytime, see instructions below.


Before sending us your work, we recommend the following four things:

  1. Learn about Construction by reading our Mission and familiarizing yourself with our magazine.
  2. Learn about what our editors are looking for.
  3. Go to SUBMITTABLE to send your work.
  4. Attach all writing as a Word document and art as a normal image file (.jpg, .gif, etc.)



Send up to 5 poems at a time in a single document. 

From Julia, our poetry editor:

“I’m looking for words that are unforgettable–lodging themselves into a reader like a fishbone in the throat. I am drawn to ambition, musicality, and a careful handling of language, rich with precise and palpable images that leave me returning to the works again and again. While lyric poems with a somewhat narrative backbone tend to be my cup of tea, I am also interested in seeing your more experimental work that plays with and radically challenges conventional notions of form and content. Send us your best and bravest, poems that (de/re)construct a world we have yet to imagine.”

Fiction and Non-Fiction

Fiction: submit up to 3 flash pieces or 2500 words.
Nonfiction: submit up to 3 shorter pieces or 2500 words.

From Magdalena, our Fiction and Non-fiction Editor:

“I’m looking for writing that deals directly with what it means to live in this world even if the setting in unconventional or unreal, as long as it crackles with energy. I love voices that are self-aware without taking themselves and their lives too seriously. Send me satire, send me experiments, send me deep dives into places or moments or histories, and everything in between.”


From Nicola, our Architecture Editor:

Send completed essays (no more than 2 at a time) or pitches for potential essays.

“This column explores both real and literary constructions, delving into their sensual experience as well as their cultural and philosophical resonances. I am looking for short, analytical essays on specific buildings/structures and works of fiction, poetry, and film that feature architectural spaces. Book reviews on architectural books (especially theory) are also welcome.”


Other Ideas

We are open to your interpretations of Construction’s mission. If you have art, animation, interviews, book reviews, you name it, send your materials and pitches to Julia or Nicola.

Note: Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to pay our contributors.

We try to respond to every submission as quickly as possible, but we are a small magazine, so please wait at least 3 months before contacting us about your submission.