Construction Literary Magazine

Fall 2020


Photograph via Unsplash by Juliet Furst

i bronzed my ego. it took a while
at first it wouldnt pass through the doorway so that was taken off the hinges, then the doorframe was removed and finally handsaws were used to cut out the walls
the weirdest thing is that my ego always seemed like it was just slightly too big to pivot in
it was an all morning affair and caused serious structural damage to the building but i was assured they/d seen bigger and always appreciated a challenge to their craft
i went back the next day and they had mounted my ego on an ash pedestal, my name in large print across the face
they handed me the stamped out letters in a paper bag and said to throw them at anyone willing to listen, asking if i knew how to put a little english on them?
they let me practice in the parking lot late into the night, but i could never get the fundamental mechanic, only able to throw straight at my target
they loaded my ego flat in the trailer of an eighteen wheeler and gave me a punchcard, saying i/d be back in no time with a shortstop arm like that