Construction Literary Magazine

Fall 2020

Catholic School

Catholic School
Photograph via Flickr by Thomas Hawk
Catholic School

Sister Beatrice lets the girls play
Bible Bingo, while the sixth-grade

boys beat chalk behind the school—

punishment for playing a bathroom
game called “Piss & Kick.” Whoever

peed fastest earned the right to kick

the ass of any boy still at his urinal.
Some boys spun around, peckers out,

while the rest laughed and screamed

and got our crotches mashed against
porcelain. God, we must have stank.

The sisters brought us to confession

and told our parents. They revoked
our bathroom privileges for the rest

of the year—lunch and recess, we sat

in metal chairs facing the cafeteria.
Now a boy pounds erasers in my face

and asks: “Do you even masturbate?”

The sisters didn’t care who was kicker
or who was kicked, but you can guess.