Construction Literary Magazine

Fall 2020

History of Dinosaurs

History of Dinosaurs

Photograph via Flickr by Syed Nabil Aljunid

The chicken dreams of hot marsh and brackish
pools, how he came to be oppressed or granted
free range as if dominion wasn’t his to begin with.

The chicken is full of self-loathing and grieves
at the cruel joy he takes witnessing his kind
mutually squandered and ceded to the will

of the farmer’s twisted hands and careless axe.
When there is no work of heads upon the stump,
he imagines a time before man marketed bird meat;

when fowl ruled. Descendants of the great Tyrant
Lizard King, meat eaters! If he could just stomp
the earth, his claws might appear, gnaw the fence,

his teeth might grow into crushing jaws, his scaled
bombarding tail crash this place into the Stone Age;
his pterodactyl tongue lashing wounds of his first kill.