Construction Literary Magazine

Fall 2019

In your dreams you’re a tourist even,

In your dreams you’re a tourist even,
Photograph via Flickr by Muktijuddho e-Archive

For you in a.
yellow tent camping in a.
windless gray parkinglot next to a.
black tree the branches fall.
off one by.
one and you peak outside to see—

you are in an invisible city made of.
bright blue red plastic.
slides for stairs rollercoasters.
as public transit towers of.
playground equipment with no.
one around and you oh.
pen your mouth to the—

sunken city of Bangladesh.
boarded up sky.
scrapers sticking up out.
of the water in this city is full of pee.
pull you once knew selling you hot—

a city made of pipes pipes.
that you walk on pipes.
that you duck under.
while following a.
man with no eye.
lids down the silver.
tunnels into an alleyway next to—

vast expanses and how.
says pimpled on green.
grass that smiles between.
your toes point you upwards to.
ward the wet lips waiting—