Construction Literary Magazine

Fall 2020



nothing yet published
I bought an IBM Selectric

a testament to
dedication since I didn’t own a car & barely
rented a room in a small house

the other 2
men who lived there worked all day & I’d bring out
that machine
set it on the kitchen
table plug it in & hammer
at the short story

which was easy &
hard: I could talk a good write but
in type lacked something & couldn’t
say what it was

around 3 all would grow
quiet & I’d think to steal bits
of the 2 men’s groceries for lunch
then walk

under the Texas sun
to a Kroger to buy canned
lima beans she appeared in a dented white
Camaro in the Kroger lot
rolled up beside me
Hispanic diminutive chubby
her face pocked into defeat: she too would see
better days but not soon

our broken English made it
clear she wanted to show
me something in her
apartment which
after I got
in the Camaro proved to be right
next door

ushered me into her place locked
her door threw
the deadbolt removed her
blouse jeans bra letting white
panties hug she unbuttoned & unzipped
my jeans slid them
past my knees pointed at the couch we
hadn’t spoken since I’d stood
on that asphalt but there was no
need since her votive
candles assured me she wanted
nothing more than to feel
a soul just beneath
her just that pressure
2 crotches naturally
create nor did we need

to speak
to keep ourselves from kissing until we
arrived at what I sensed she too
considered a tough day’s
hungriest moment