Construction Literary Magazine

Fall 2019

River’s Babble

River’s Babble
Photograph via Flickr Neeta Lind

In Missouri, it’s flooding
In China, someone deciphers textiles
Here, I love you          There, someone dies
who shouldn’t          How strange the gesture
of flowers filling the room
         Does it sit well with death?
         with the sound of live
         & humming bodies shuffling to
         and fro like trees in the woods?
It’s not so much that I have given up
but I am tired and like clouds
I’ve got options:
Find a pouch of stars          Sew them
into linen
Do something lush          notice it
Buy a light          Light someone’s cigarette
         Fix a shadow a place to rest
         rest with it
         rest on a satin count
         and eat six creme brûlées honestly
It could all be licked clean
everything would appear as if it was not
Air rises out of mud on a shore
where someone is digging for clams
I am not that person          I want to be right now
To banish one body into a new
and strange world of the next