Construction Literary Magazine

Fall 2019


Photograph via Flickr Yale Rosen

is a mass of cells or tissue or a body
within the body proper
is a second body
[sarcoma, teratoma]
which is transubstantiated via the body primary or body-of-origin.

It is not correct to call it a foreign body.

The grief-body is a genotypic body and an epigenetic body
an evolutionary body, a forgiven body or
a for-granted body

Identify the grief-body by its strong resemblance
to you or to a loved one
in the eyes or in the hands
in the cant of thinking, assembling thoughts you recognize as your
own desperate thoughts in another body.

       Or a lost body. Or one that held you. Or that you held on your lap.

The grief-body cannot be split from the host-body successfully;
this has been attempted.

If you want to communicate with the grief-body, please
wait. In any sufficient silence it will arrive

If you wish to omit the grief-body from the public record,
please provide the following:
under, sunder, backward, graft, haste, hate, shallow, harrow, disfortune
Please correct any errors and submit,