Construction Literary Magazine

Fall 2019

The Pale Goth Listens to Ukrainian Death Metal

The Pale Goth Listens to Ukrainian Death Metal
Photograph via Flickr by skyseeker

i am scythian i am mongol i am kruk when he flies over the steppes i am the cossack
        setting fire to the plateau sprawled before i am my grandmother when she
was a girl staring wide-eyed as bolshevik soldiers burned her village slit her father’s throat when he refused to submit their house their land their farm the family cow to confiscating i am my grandfather reaching for my grandmother as they fled ukrayina into poland into poverty into foreign lands into god’s hands assimilation english-speaking status coal mines factories my father then me

        ancestors          leave
the sky

soil where
watch planes

you remember
the ukrainian girl
you kissed on her right cheek the day you
said farewellsolongweneversaygoodbye
never separate
we dissolve into one another:
the Dnieper into black sea