Construction Literary Magazine

Fall 2020

Xenotransplantation; from Reverberations

Xenotransplantation; from <i>Reverberations</i>
Photograph via Flickr by Jeremy Hiebert

Remember this instinct no matter how many
animals you are: to place. It’s a slither-sense:
where to slip your long body,
where to tuck away the broad and veiny wing.
If you were as perfect as the raspberry thumbprint
of an invertebrate, you could place yourself
in my spine, slip between the notches.
A worm is the worst kind of soft body.
Some doctors have placed a television on the bed;
they’re watching dust and gas blast out of a tunnel;
there are cameras on both ends.
Some doctors have placed their hands
on my abdomen, pressed into me.
A tunnel is the worst kind of hard body—
a tube whose only features are two discs,
each one with a different weather inside of it.
What kind of doctor are you, the good kind or the bad kind?
Should we sit by the screen, where the sounds
let us link a second to our souls one second at a time
while the snow shoulders itself away?
I think you are the bad kind. I think you are your body.

from Reverberations

in the beginning there would have to have had to have been.

in the beginning of multicellular life the second cell would have had to have known when to sacrifice itself for the sake of the first.

in the organism’s language there is a word for that kind of power a sound for that kind of word.

the second cell would had to have had the word for that is heaving.

therefore, does heaving please you.

you’re the one with silver hairs growing out of your sides.

they call her a mitochondrial mother the woman we all have a little dna from.

the theory of the flower of her fist in you is how you species.

how do you powerhouse do you dynamo.

you’re the one who believes too sincerely in ghosts you’re the one with the infection you’re the one with the milky blue eye like mist from a blue fruit’s peeling.

they call it a foundation and will pay you a billion dollars if you can make the mouse live for a very long time.

they want to freeze themselves so they can wake up and live for a thousand years without a sex drive.

therefore, what kind of cryonics is the blue pearl of the mouse’s peeling.

include them in your cellular life layer by layer please you like it like please your teeth are so long.

the new information is full of finger cells.

the new information in which this creation myth will have been in which they say something about how liquid crystal flows faster than you can learn science.

therefore, you don’t know the first thing about science.