Construction Literary Magazine

Fall 2019

“You’ve Always Had The Power —”

“You’ve Always Had The Power —”
Photograph via Flickr by L'outil

When she says, there’s no place like home,
she means this country,

humid blankets of hallucinogenic flowers,

in a world of make-believe facts
she is quite afraid of—

enough to rise up and conjure a new nation.

When the witch melts,
Dorothy loses interest in departure.

She develops a non-profit

for wayward monkeys—no more pretending.
They rip off their bellhop uniforms

help her organize a food bank—birds eggs,

yellow fruit, and chia seeds.
In his hot air contraption,

the little man will return

to the land of dollars, settle
for an endowed chair at a business college.

Not Dorothy. Not with work to do.

She counsels Glinda on universal
healthcare, adds in a fashion consult:

leather jacket with black leggings,

a pair of pink suede shoes.
The Lollypop Guild seeks her help

on forming meaningful unions—free education for all!

She builds a life out of walking curved roads
and listening to those who are nothing like her—

an immigrant’s tale, a second chance language of song.

Even the apple trees have the right to a little happiness.
Even this country she thinks of from afar.