Construction Literary Magazine

Fall 2019

Farm Logic; First Harvest

Farm Logic; First Harvest
Photograph via Flickr bluebyers
Farm Logic

A body will always be useful.
A body that cannot feed animals
can always be fed to them.

First Harvest

First, 4:42am, my mother wanted.
Next, an exit that made her pray
for the next time someone left her.

First, the shower scene: my mother
knew what was coming first,
a snowstorm. The water wouldn’t break.

First, disbelief. Then, disbelief.
The midwives boating away through ice.
First, my father’s hands at delivery.

First, the singing. First, the praise.
First swaddled, unable at first to cry.
First, my mother’s first cruelty.

First, when it cries it is first alive.
First, my mother is my mother.
First, I am hers. Then, I am named.