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Letter from the Editors, January 2017

Letter from the Editors, January 2017
Photograph via Flickr by phoca2004

Dear Readers and Contributors,

It’s a difficult moment to be a writer. And in such unimaginable times, imagination becomes all the more necessary. Our words, once on the internet, are subject to either immortal proliferation or instant oblivion. We have to approach the work of language with even greater care while recognizing the danger of staying silent. We live in a country that elected a man based on his rhetoric of action while claiming he was elected for his rhetoric of principle. Language is a volatile weapon, as prone to shape-shifting in the hands of its speaker as in the minds of those who listen. How, then, are we supposed to speak?

In the aftermath of the November 8th election, we sent a call out for writers to give form to their reactions. We are grateful for the writers who answered the call. We are grateful for their words. We are grateful for you taking the time to read them. Though this issue in particular is focused on the recent election, it is a part of our overall mission, our mantra, to make space, make space, make space, going forward, for as many voices as possible, for as many issues as we can.

The Editors