Yulia Latynina

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Yulia Latynina

In 2013
Born (1966-06-16) 16 June 1966 (age 46)
Moscow, Soviet Union
Nationality Russian
Education Maxim Gorky Literature Institute
Occupation Journalist, writer, radio personality
Years active 1989 – present
Condoleezza Rice presents Latynina with the Freedom Defenders Award in 2008

Yulia Leonidovna Latynina (Russian: Ю́лия Леони́довна Латы́нина; born 16 June 1966) is a Russian journalist, writer and radio host. She works at the radio station Echo of Moscow. She also writes for Novaya Gazeta and The Moscow Times.


[edit] Writer, journalist and radio host

Yulia Latynina has authored twenty fiction books, including science fiction.

She has worked for Russian newspapers Izvestia (1995—97), Expert (1997—98), "Top Secret" (editor-in-chief Artyom Borovik), Novaya Gazeta (since 2001), Kommersant (since 2006), and others.

She worked for several Russian TV Channels "V drugoe vremya" (First Channel ORT 2001–02), "Est' Mneniye" (TV Tsentr 2002-3) and "Nedelya" (REN TV 2003-4).

She received an investigative journalism award by Corriere della Sera dedicated to Maria Grazia Cutuli, an Italian journalist who was killed in Afghanistan.[1]

She is a host of the program "Access Code" at radio station Echo of Moscow since 2003. On 8 December 2008 she was awarded the Freedom Defenders Award by the United States Department of State.[2]

[edit] Views

Yulia Latynina is known for her sharp and polemic statements. She claimed that Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, French President Jacques Chirac, Chancellor of Germany Gerhard Schröder, and U.S. President George W. Bush have all been successfully "recruited" by Vladimir Putin to serve his political objectives.[3] She also alleged that "President Putin will secure a third term simply because this is the authorities' logic. Power in Russia is in essence authoritarian, and there are no other ways to hand over power: control must be maintained over it."[4]

Latynina claimed in a 2004 article that "In terms of governance, the country has already disintegrated into six to eight enclaves." According to her, "President Vladimir Putin can still install whoever [ruler] he likes on the territory of these enclaves – but that is not the same as being able to govern them." She referred to Russia as "a disintegrating empire".[5]

She is usually regarded as a journalist who criticizes Russian political establishment, but has also scolded members of Moscow Helsinki Group for supporting Russian scientist Igor Sutyagin, who she suggested could actually be involved in espionage.[6][7] She argued that although communications of Sutyagin with foreign spy agencies have never been proven, the foreign agency that he passed information on was indeed highly suspicious.[8] Lawyer Boris Kuznetsov, who represented Sutyagin previously, hinted that the Russian secret service FSB benefited from her program in Echo of Moscow,[9][10] which she vigorously denied.[11][12]

In January 2010, in the aftermath of Yanukovich’s win in Ukraine, Latynina published an article declaring that poor people can’t be trusted to vote for their best interests. She writes: Viktor Yanukovych’s victory in Sunday’s presidential election – not unlike the victories of former Chilean President Salvador Allende, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or Adolf Hitler – once again raises doubt about the basic premise of democracy: that the people are capable of choosing their own leader. Unfortunately, only wealthy people are truly capable of electing their leaders in a responsible manner.[13]

In March 2011,Latynina harshly criticized various human right organisations including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International for their support for terrorist groups and anti-western bias she called it a Liberal Fundamentalism[14]

[edit] Political activism

Latynina has been a member of Committee 2008 since 2004.

[edit] Novels

of publication
Name (Original/in English) Genre Cycle
1990 Повесть о Святом Граале / Tale of the Holy Grail Fantasy
1991 Дело о пропавшем боге (Иров день) / Case of the Missing God Science fiction Empire of Veya
1994 Клеарх и Гераклея / Clearchus and Heraclea Greek novella
1994 Проповедник / Preacher Science fiction
1995 Бомба для банкира / Bomb for the Banker Crime fiction Gangster
1996 Повесть о благонравном мятежнике / Tale of the Virtuous Rebel Fantasy
1996 Колдуны и министры (Колдуны и империя) / Wizards and Ministers (Wizards and the Empire) Science fiction Empire of Veya
1996 Сто полей / The 100 squares[15] Science fiction Empire of Veya
1996 Повесть о Золотом государе / Tale of the Golden Emperor Fantasy Empire of Veya
1996 Бандит / Gangster Adventure Gangster
1997 Здравствуйте, я Ваша „крыша“, или новый Аладдин / Hello, I'm Your "Carpet", or the New Aladdin Science fiction
1999 Охота на изюбря / Hunting Elk Crime fiction Охота на изюбря
1999 Инсайдер / The Insider Science fiction Empire of Veya
1999 Повесть о государыне Кассии / Tale of the Empress Cassia Fantasy Empire of Veya
1999 Дело о лазоревом письме / Case of the Azure Letter Science fiction Empire of Veya
1999 Разбор полётов (Ни дня без работы) / Debriefing (Not a Day Without Work) Crime fiction Gangster
2000 Саранча / Locust Crime fiction Gangster
2000 Стальной король (Развод с подставой) / Steel King (Set-Up and Scam) Crime fiction Охота на изюбря
2001 Ничья / Draw Crime fiction
2003 Промзона / Industrial Area Crime fiction Охота на изюбря
2004 Только голуби летают бесплатно / Only Pigeons Fly for Free Crime fiction
2005 Джаханнам, или До встречи в Аду / Jahannam, or See You in Hell Adventure Caucasus cycle
2005 Ниязбек / Niyazbek Adventure Caucasus cycle
2007 Земля войны / The Land of War Adventure Caucasus cycle
2007 Нелюдь / Inhuman Science fiction
2009 Не время для славы / No Time For Glory Adventure Caucasus cycle

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