2012 GOP Nomination
Wisconsin 2012 Recall
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49 Democrats *
Toss Ups
Republicans 44
37 Safe or Not Up757242 Safe or Not Up
51 Seats Needed For Majority (Recent Race Changes)

* Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) & Sen. Bernard Sanders (I-VT) currently caucus with the Democrats and former Gov. Angus King is likely to caucus with the Democrats if he wins the open Maine seat in November.

Battle for the Senate - Race Changes
Date State Previous Status New Status Dems Toss Ups GOP
11/5MissouriToss Up »»» Leans Dem49744
11/4ArizonaToss Up »»» Leans GOP48844
11/4ConnecticutToss Up »»» Leans Dem48844
11/4OhioToss Up »»» Leans Dem48844
11/4PennsylvaniaToss Up »»» Leans Dem48844
11/3PennsylvaniaLeans Dem »»» Toss Up451243
10/30NebraskaLikely GOP »»» Leans GOP461143
10/30North DakotaLeans GOP »»» Toss Up461143
10/29MassachusettsLeans Dem »»» Toss Up461044
10/28North DakotaToss Up »»» Leans GOP47944
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