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The Dibble Institute publishes a variety of curricula for teaching youth how to cultivate healthy friendships and romantic relationships now, and in the future.

All these programs meet the highest educational standards:

  • Developmentally appropriate and “best practices” teaching methods.
  • Content based on serious, current research.
  • No religious or political affiliation or bias
  • Easy to teach and proven effective

Dibble curricula are designed for use in classrooms, community organizations, agencies, church, and group settings with a variety of young people.

The Art of Loving Well

(41 selections) An anthology of short stories forms the basis of this nationally acclaimed relationship skills curriculum, created at Boston University.

Connections: Dating & Emotions

Completely revised – 2010! (15 lessons) Helps younger teens understand the challenges of early relationships, develop healthy dating practices, self-regulate intense emotions, and cultivate life skills.

Connections: Relationships and Marriage

Completely revised in 2011, the course teaches young adults how to achieve meaningful relationships with family, friends, dating partners, and eventually husbands and wives.

Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships

(10 lessons) Covers essentials of relationship skills in the context of health education. Clear, effective teaching materials easily integrate into other course content.

Love Notes: Making Relationships Work

(15 lessons) Aimed at youth at risk of unplanned pregnancy, troubled relationships, or already parenting. Focuses on identifying life goals and making relationship and sexual choices that support these goals.

Love U2®: “Dating Smarts”

(6 lessons) Offers perspective and practical tools for handling first experiences with attractions, emotions, and young love.

Love U2®: Relationship Smarts PLUS

(13 lessons) Covers the issues that support wise relationship choices: values, maturity, attractions, low-risk dating, intimacy, assertiveness, and much more.

Love U2®: Baby Smarts: Through the Eyes of a Child

(11 lessons) A unique approach to pregnancy prevention, this unit builds a powerful understanding of how a child’s future is affected by having a teenaged parent.

Love U2®: Communication Smarts: PREP® for Teens

(7 lessons) Teaches communication and conflict management skills that teens need in their relationships now and in the future. Adapted for teens from PREP®.

Love U2®: Becoming Sex Smart

(10 lessons) Explores the emotional and social dimensions of sexuality, not simply the physical issues, without a religious or ideological agenda.

Money Habitudes: How to be rich in life and love

Money Habitudes™ introduces teens to the human side of money – the subconscious factors that dictate how people actually relate to money, regardless of financial skills or economic status.

Myths and Facts Posters

Colorful posters compares common beliefs about marriage with conclusions based on recent studies.


The 10 lessons of PEI introduce teens to the insights and skills that affect success in all types of relationships: self awareness, expectations, communication, conflict resolution and planning.


A board game with a new approach to teaching relationship skills – one that’s highly informative, research based…and great fun.

Skill Sets Activities

A unique activity book from The Dibble Institute, Skill Sets: Relationships and Romance make it easy to teach relationship skills during “extra” minutes in the day.

The 50 diverse choices focus on the most consuming of all youthful concerns: how to be more successful in their romantic lives. Within this context, teens explore self-awareness, communication, handling conflict, goal-setting and more

Things to Know Before You Say “Go”

This engaging set of 76 “flash cards” helps these young people discover what information is missing, and why it matters. The accompanying book explains more about what different behaviors reveal about a partner, why each is important, and consequences to consider.

What’s Reel?

(7 lessons) Using a theme of popular movies, the 7 hour-long lessons guide teens toward realistic views and strategies for lasting relationships.

Why Buy the Cow?

(1-2 lessons) A mini-curriculum discusses cohabitation as viewed in popular culture and the conclusions of research studies.

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