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Russian teachers protest educational reform
Sat Oct 6, 2012 2:48AM
Julia Lyubova, Press TV, Moscow
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Russian teachers and students have held a rally in central Moscow against new education law that will see pupils have to pay for their secondary education.

Despite the pouring rain and cold autumn wind, hundreds of Muscovites staged a protest against the government education reform. They are angry at proposals to allow public schools in Russia to charge for secondary education.

The law has already been adopted and the changes will kick in on September 2013. However, there's been a lot of discontent at the proposed changes among Russians who are used to a historically free education system.

Public schools will still be obliged to teach basic subjects, like Russian, English, maths and history. But biology, chemistry, arts or music will have to be paid for. Parents may have to cough up to $2300 per year per child. And given that 40% of Russians live under poverty line, some experts predict that a third of youngsters may end up deprived of education.

This protest coincides with the Teachers Day, celebrated across Russia on Friday. And these people here are a small representation of the public, angry at the education reforms. They are calling on the authorities to leave education in Russia available for all.

The State Duma has been considering amendments to the law before it finally signs it off on October 16th. Some deputies have spent months to listen to people's concerns.

Many agree that the Russian education system is in need of a major overhaul. But not everybody agrees that their children should be the ones to finance it.

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